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About Us

The Daily Hair Company was founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2022 by Renee Geraghty. Renee has co-owned a successful hair salon and clean hair care company called AXIS for over 20 years. Her knowledge of the hair product industry, passion for clean beauty  combined with her frustration over the lack of effective, clean, non-aerosol, perfume-free dry shampoo, lead her on a 5 year journey to create her own clean option for dry shampoo lovers. After many trials and testing, Self-Absorbed dry shampoo and texture spray was ready for market. Finally — a clean option, free of benzene, parabens, talc, and synthetic fragrances, was in her hands and ready to share with dry shampoo lovers everywhere! 

In 2022, SELF-ABSORBED launched, and the dry shampoo was an immediate hit. Customers were blown away by its effectiveness to “dry clean” hair, and its use as a texture spray to create volume. 5 star reviews started pouring in, and Renee knew she had a winner on her hands.

In late 2022, the media began to report that some of the best-known dry shampoo brands in North America contained dangerous levels of benzene, which is known to cause cancer. We’ve written a little bit about this here. This safety scare confirmed to Renee that her product was not only wanted, but needed. People deserve access to effective hair products, without putting their health at risk.