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Self-Absorbed Dry Shampoo + Texture Spray
Self-Absorbed Dry Shampoo + Texture Spray
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Self-Absorbed Dry Shampoo + Texture Spray

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Meet SELF-ABSORBED! A revolutionary Wet2Powder™️ dry shampoo spray that resets keratin, and absorbs grease and scalp smell while restoring volume! Our low-cast tapioca root powder formulation is safe for all hair types & colours.

Instead of synthetic perfumes that linger, we’ve added high-quality essential oils of citrus + mint to refresh & neutralize greasy hair odours. It’s a spa-like experience for your dirty roots with a scent that fades away quickly after application.

  • Apply sparingly on day 1 hair as a texture spray and oil prevention system.
  • Use more liberally on day 2+ for grease absorption & volume. Our Wet2Powder technology works as a keratin reset, allowing you to restyle your bedhead & greasy flat hair. Go one to 5 more days without washing your hair...we dare you.


SELF-ABSORBED dry shampoo is sold in a spray bottle, and one bottle typically lasts 3-5 months. It’s important to shake your dry shampoo before use.

If you want to see the magic in action, head to @thedailyhaircompany on Instagram & TikTok. Have more questions? Read our FAQ.

Celebrate great hair days for days on end and #beselfabsorbed

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Still making it my own

Initially, I was blown away - texture, slight volume, no white cast. Considering my sensitivy to perfumed products, this is light, refreshing, and appreciated.
For day-two hair, I do find without maintenance (brushing) of hair throughout the day, or a big gust of wind, my hair requires a bit more attention than I am
used to with my VERB go-to. I used for day-one hair to see how it compared to my 'dirty hair' uses and found the texture of the product, again needs me to refluff with more intention than my usual day-one clean hair. For reference, I have fine, medium thickness, straight hair.
Overall, the verdict is still out. May just need some experimenting with quantity, placement, etc. Curious to see how long the bottle will last, given it's more than double what I pay for my preferred VERB (and yes, aerosolized...) product.


I don’t think I could say enough good things about this product. I have very fine and thin hair, and this spray does wonders for volume and oil control. Plus, it leaves your hair touchably soft. No more powdered wig feelings! A little bit goes a long way, and it smells bright and citrusy. I love that it starts as a liquid, because you can feel it going to your roots instead of sitting on top of your hair. It brushes through easily and breaks down in a movable, easy to style way. If you’re on the fence — take the jump. This bottle will last you MONTHS

Alexis G

This has been my third purchase. My 4 teens and myself love this dry shampoo so much because it actually works and smells amazing! I love that it doubles as a texture spray too. Love love love this product!


I honestly didn’t know what to think spraying my freshly cleaned and dried hair with a liquid dry shampoo, but I was left speechless. It provided the perfect amount of texture and body and set my hair up for success in not being greasy by the end of the day. The scent was subtle and clean and I couldn’t be more obsessed. Customer for life!

Diane Gawlik
Amazing dry shampoo!

I have stopped using aerosol dry shampoos a long time ago because of the ingredients (I’m sorry, butane?). I have used a bunch of natural dry shampoo powders but most have left a gritty texture that felt like fine sand in my hair. I stumbled across this and decided to buy one for myself and my sister. We both love it! Dries quickly, smells subtle and does an awesome job of making hair look clean while adding some volume and texture. I will buy again and recommend!